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This wonderful book was written by Father Augustin Auffray S.D.B., director of the Salesian Bulletin for over twenty years. He studied the life of Saint John Bosco at its sources in Turin and personally interviewed many of those who had known the Saint when he was alive. It has been described as being “without contest the best biography of this saint”.


Father Auffray gives a detailed and gripping account of Saint John Bosco’s life and work, clearly showing how this “father of orphans”, educator, founder of congregations, builder of churches, tireless apostle, opponent of heresy and error, miracle-worker and servant of the Papacy was truly a giant of Charity, a living image of the eternal love of God for men.


This book was out of print for a number of years, but we are now delighted to offer this revised edition which has been completely retypeset and corrected with reference to the original French. The style of language has been updated to suit a 21st century readership.


This monumental book deserves a place on everyone’s bookshelf, but particularly on the bookshelves of those who have responsibility for educating children or caring for souls.

Saint John Bosco: A Giant of Charity

SKU: 9781838348502
  • Te Deum Press

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