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It is the year 1888 in Sainte Victoire, a picturesque town in southern France. Its priest, Father Francis Montmoulin, is well-liked by his parishioners and even tolerated by the local anti-clericals.


However, tragedy hits when a benevolent old parishioner is brutally murdered within the priest's own roof, and a substantial quantity of money planned to build a needy hospital is taken from her.


All circumstantial evidence pointed to the innocent priest as the murderer, making him the major suspect. However, Father Montmoulin knows through the confessional who the real culprit is. He must choose between breaking the seal of confession and facing embarrassment, scandal, and certain death by the guillotine.


This is an entirely revised and re-typeset version of “A Victim to the Seal of Confession”. The language has been updated to suit a modern readership.

Bound by the Seal: Based on the True Story

SKU: 9781739965419
  • Te Deum Press

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