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"The insincerity of some and the prejudices of others make the Inquisitor out to be a monster. However, the Catholic nations were very happy with an institution that both protected their Faith and ensured public order.” Father Henri Hello.


The very idea of the Inquisition is anathema to men of the 21st Century. Not only have we imbibed the anti-Catholic propaganda that depicts it as a club of stupid and ferocious monks who had men roasted for the fun of it, but we even struggle accepting the very principle of every inquisition, in other words, the right to seek out and punish heretics who are perverting the faithful.


But we cannot escape the fact that this principle was officially recognized in the Church and put into practice from the very beginning by the Roman Pontiffs and by the bishops.


In this short but thorough book, Father Henri Hello shows us how the Inquisition was both an eminently Catholic and an eminently commonsensical institution that the Church has every right to be proud of.

Truth About the Inquisition, The

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