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The essence of our faith is the Good News of Jesus Christ. My Meditation on the Gospel traces the events of Our Lord–ùs life through all four Gospels. This pocket daily devotional puts the reader in the footsteps of an early follower of Christ watching the events of the Gospel unfold.

Father James Sullivan recounts the details of the Gospel with a gentle hand and rich historical details. These carefully crafted meditations allow the reader to feel the joys and sorrows of Christ–ùs life, from his public ministry to his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Father Sullivan brings the eternal Word of God to bear on the daily struggles of contemporary life.

The daily readings end with a practical reflection and a contextual prayer for God–ùs grace to deal with modern day anxieties and hopes. This feature-packed little book includes:

“ë Iconic pencil drawings featuring scenes from the life of Christ as well as depictions of modern man encountering Our Lord
“ë Meditations and prayers on every major event of Jesus–ù life from across all four gospels
“ë Beautiful prayers that will help us align our will with Christ–ùs will as exposed in his Word.
“ë Reflections on the gospels that will encourage us to live the Good News in our everyday lives
“ë And much more—ì

Only by prayerfully considering the Gospel and its meaning on a daily basis can we draw ourselves closer to unity with Jesus. My Meditation on the Gospel is the ideal book for careful, daily study of God–ùs Word.

My Meditation on the Gospel

SKU: 9781618908308
  • Confraternity of the Precious Blood

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