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In Lifeline, James B. Stenson summarizes the proven methods and techniques of effective Christian parents today. This resourceful book is straight to the point and full of ideas that can be put into practice immediately. It is an excellent tool for parents of small children, parents who have no time to spare.


Lifeline shows you how to raise children who will honor you and God for all of their lives. The book tells you how:


  • To develop a clear mission as a parent and confident parental leadership.
  • To set rules and standards to structure and guide the family - rules that lead to the practice of faith and basic Christian virtues.


Other thought-provoking topics covered in Lifeline include:


  • Pay now or pay later.
  • Raising adults, not children.
  • Forming vs. preserving character.
  • Affectionate assertiveness.

Lifeline: The Religious Upbringing of Your Children

SKU: 9780933932975
  • Scepter Publishers

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