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In this book Fr. Sebastian explains and defends the traditional understandings of marriage and family so that the goodness and beauty of marriage and family can once again shine forth. The book considers marriage and family from three perspectives: 1) from the perspective of reason unaided by faith; 2) from the perspective of reason aided by revelation; and 3) from the perspective of our choices and actions in family life. In the first part of the book, he clarifies and defends the definitions of marriage and family and contrasts them with the alternative proposals of modern society. By showing that marriage and family are natural and necessary consequences of human nature, Fr. Sebastian shows that marriage is not merely a social construct, but something which fulfills the deepest inclinations of human nature. In the second part of the book, he shows how marriage and the relationships within the family are intrinsically and sacramentally related to the principal mysteries of the Catholic faith. In the third part of the book, he shows how family life at both the natural and supernatural levels can be fostered, preserved and healed. In a world so darkened by conflicting and confusing ideas about the most fundamental of human societies, this book is a welcome antidote and assistance.

Understanding Marriage and Family

SKU: 9781777052362
  • Arouca Press

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