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The Rosary is a major part of a Christian's daily warfare. No one with experience of the prayer of the Rosary will say that it is easy to pray, not that it is not the most powerful weapon against the devil. This book engages the soul in that combat for Eternal Salvation. It is a sequel to Christian Warfare, which gives much help to direct the soul in the daily battle of the Christian Life.

The Rosary Warfare book provides us with several ways of praising Our Lady better.  As we pray the Rosary, with the aid of this book, we make use of all that we have at our disposal, from history: pictures, thoughts, summaries, and even Gregorian Chant.


Four different parts:


Scriptural Rosary: This is one of the most excellent Rosaries with thoughts from Holy Scripture to help us meditate on the mysteries.  This kind of Rosary may be recited alone or with others.  If you are alone, you can read these phrases either before praying the Our Father, Hail Mary, or Glory be or while you are praying them.

Sets of mediation: These Rosaries paraphrase the text of the Bible in simpler language.

Extended Hail Mary Rosary: This type of Rosary consists of adding mentally or verbally a simple phrase after the words: –¢blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus–£ in the Hail Mary to help us recall the mystery.

Rosary in Latin and with Gregorian Chant.

Rosary Warfare

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