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One of the greatest contradictions in the Spiritual Life is that it is very important you should know a great deal about yourself, and at the same time, that you should think very little about yourself.


In A Right View of Yourself, the esteemed Rev. Fr. Frederick Faber will lead you through a journey of self-knowledge. With gentleness, candor and wisdom, he digs deeply into the normal state of a soul, the effects of fatigue, the necessity for spiritual rest, struggles with temptation and scruples and how to view rightly our faults. He provides instruction on how to avoid devilish perils that you may encounter along the way: heightened sensitivity, emotionalism, and worst of all sentimentality.   


Throughout his work, he remains consistently optimistic about the divine possibilities self-knowledge can reveal. He prepares you to begin this journey governed by faith, humility and confidence in God’s mercy and love.


No knowledge in the world can be more interesting than to know how you stand with God and A Right View of Yourself will help you see yourself as He does.

Right View of Yourself, A

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