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For nearly two thousand years the Catholic Mass was said in the same manner everywhere in the western world, regardless of nation or nationality. But in the 20th century that ceased to be true. Profound changes that had begun far earlier culminated in the Second Vatican Council and the creation of a new theology, the effect of which was a new form of worship. Up until this point in history, few laymen had ever heard the story of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Fewer still knew that he was a missionary in the fields of Africa, Bishop of Dakar, Apostolic Delegate to West Africa, or even that he was appointed as the head of the international priestly order of the Holy Ghost Fathers. How he became known as a conservative leader and a voice for all those looking to oppose modernism was known by fewer still.


This is that story.


The Rest of the Story is an essential book for the Catholic readers of today as it provides a brief historical and liturgical-political backdrop for some of the most pivotal events of the 20th century—the effects of which we, as Catholics, are still experiencing today. While those who have read the near-700-page biography by the same author will not find anything new in this book, they will find the topics covered here much more accessible in this shortened format.


If you’re looking to learn more about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who he was, why he took action and the enormous effect his actions have had—this is the book you need to read.


Rest of the Story, The

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