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Where can we find the peace of Christ?

 In December of 1925, Pope Pius XI declared the answer to this simple question—Pax Christi in Regno Christi (The peace of Christ is in the kingdom of Christ).  


His idea was clear: our world is chaotic and hopeless because man does not recognize the sovereignty of Christ. Christ’s kingly authority has been largely ignored by social and political groups, and even the Church has failed to properly proclaim this great truth.


God’s law is higher than any human law; His justice is beyond our comprehension. Jesus Christ is King of the Universe and ruler of all things—but how often do our political or private actions acknowledge this reality?


Author Michael Davies explores all the places where the sovereignty of Christ has been ignored or attacked. Some of the places he points to include our modern understanding of rights, our laws and conventions, and our social and political ideologies.


In order to combat the rebellion against Jesus’s sovereignty, Michael Davies explains how we can correctly submit to Jesus’s authority in every part of our lives. Most importantly, he will show you the importance of the Feast of Christ the King and the many other ways we can participate in defending Christ’s kingdom.


The honest and brilliant writing of Michael Davies makes this booklet an exciting read, as well as a manual to help diagnose and treat the many issues of our modern-day life. “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king.” (Isaias 33:22)

Reign of Christ the King

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