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A review of a recent book by Michael Davies in the National Catholic Register included the following remarks: сDavies is a careful researcher and a thoughtful if vigorous polemicist. He never screeches, and he backs up every argument b an appeal to authentic Catholic doctrine and to history. He is remarkable for making clear distinctions and for discerning the essential point in every issue. His style is limpid. In his controversies he adduces many writings inaccessible to the average reader.оAll these qualities will be found in this pamphlet. It was prompted by a misleading article written by a bishop who wished to discredit Catholic traditionalists and the case for the Tridentine Mass. Michael Davies shows that the bishopНs knowledge of liturgical history is limited and his reasoning fallacious. There can be very few Catholics„bishops, priests, or laymen„whose knowledge of the liturgy will not be deepened by reading An Open Lesson to a Bishop on the Development of the Roman Rite.

Open Lesson To A Bishop, An

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