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Christ delivered His final and most captivating lecture from the pulpit of the cross: His seven final words. Christ used to routinely employ parables to communicate, but no longer. No, Christ wrote these lines with the most delicate strokes of a calligraphy, using His royal blood. Because these were the final words of God to humanity, Christ's seven final words are among the greatest ever recorded in human history—greater than those of any eminent orator, brave leader, or even saint. They are the pinnacle of the Beatitudes and the "mystical compilation of the entire Gospel." Like at the Cana wedding feast, Christ kept the best for last. However, this time, His own blood and water were freely offered to the Church, His own bride.


The seraphic doctor Saint Bonaventure and the Benedictine abbot Arnold of Bonneval provide some of the most deep insights regarding the seven last words of Christ in this captivating masterpiece. The seven last lines are thought to have been first written about by Arnold, a close associate of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, who later served as an inspiration to Bonaventure. There is no greater meditation than reflecting on the Teacher's final discourse, yet Christians have glossed over the seven last words for centuries. It is time to reveal their secret and potent meaning. We discover the required guidance to ascend to the pinnacles of perfection in Christ's final seven words.

Seven Last Words of Christ, The (Hardcover)

SKU: 9781505129243
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