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This daily meditation book is the third in a four-volume series called Praying with the Saints by Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These publications serve as a daily guidance to following in the footsteps of the saints throughout the liturgical year and on our life-long path to eternal. Every new saint's example will undoubtedly guide and inspire souls to a greater relationship with God and a habitual higher degree of virtue.

Begin your day with these words of wisdom:

• The Saint's Life 

• Short Meditation 

• Invocations 

• Prayers

• Thoughts

• as well as three resolutions to help with tangible, everyday spiritual progress.

If you're seeking for a means to include prayer or spiritual reading into your everyday life, or if you want a daily reminder that holiness is not only doable, but also our only mission on this planet, this is the series for you. Fr. Patrick Troadec's daily musings on the saints and the liturgical year are brief yet powerful.

Praying with the Saints by Season - Winter

SKU: 9781685290269
  • Angelus Press

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