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“I am very pleased to recommend Father Yves Normandin’s account to all who seek an understanding of what is happening within the Catholic Church”

-Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Preface, Priest out in the Cold


Pastor Out in the Cold is the narrative of Fr. Normandin, a Canadian priest who campaigned for the traditional Latin Mass in Canada in the years following Vatican II. His story is priceless and serves as irrefutable historical evidence to this day. His eyewitness description of life as a priest in the 1970s seeking to remain faithful to Eternal Rome and the Mass of All Time reminds us all of what it was like in the early aftermath of Vatican II.


The brave efforts of those unwavering soldiers who came before us have resulted in the preservation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that we enjoy today. We owe them a great obligation and should be encouraged by what they achieved and accomplished. Fr. Normandin’s is interesting to all those who value the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because he explains how we, the next generation of Catholics, almost lost it.


“To remain silent, or to withdraw into solitude would be to misunderstand their mission and, for want of courage, to shun their sacred duty. But in the event of grave canonical penalties being incurred for refusing to obey unlawful authority, such penalties, resulting from loyalty to the Traditional Roman Mass, would without question be null and void. It follows that priests are bound to ignore such sanctions, and continue with even greater courage the good fight for the faith.”

-Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1975 Preface, Priest out in the Cold

Pastor out in the Cold (New Copy)

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