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The Greatest Antidote for the "Feminist Movement" is here: 


Bombarded by ideas of “female emancipation”, “gender inversions”, “patriarchal oppression” and the like, today’s modern woman has been led to believe that she is at a huge disadvantage compared to the men around her. Hence, with burgeoning clarion calls for “women’s rights” in the political, economic and social spheres, what we see is an increasing number of frustrated women demanding for what they perceive as “equal rights” as men. With the multitude of gender theories attempting to diffuse differences between the sexes, we also observe how men have been willingly or forcefully emasculated from their roles as leaders, doers and providers. With the mainstream media downplaying the domestic and nurturing roles of women, the result is complete pandemonium as men and women become confused about their identities and roles in society. Such confusion is not surprising, for attempts to rationalize the inherent differences between men and women via sociological and revolutionary theories have completely missed out viewing human beings - as they are - in the light of Faith. This book fills the void in existing scholarship, not by grandiose sociopolitical theories, but by simply reverting to the basics – who we are and why we were created. The author explores the symbolism of masculinity and femininity in relation to the various Divine attributes of God. As creatures reveal the grandeur of their Creator in different ways, men and women mirror God’s features in disparate but complementary ways. Together, the harmony and unity of men and women are creaturely reflections of the omnipotence of their Creator. Importantly, the author does not debase the role of women but resurrects her essential and rightful roles as Virgin, Bride and Mother – roles that were ordained by Divine Providence in time and eternity but roles which have been unfortunately overlooked or even condemned in our modern world. Rather than silencing and relegating women to the confines of the domestic sphere, this book depicts women in their crucial vocation as the centers of stability, gentleness, comfort and warmth in homes and families. Instead of emulating the masculine characteristics of men to assert themselves, women should look to God’s solution to their noble vocation – the Immaculate and ever-Virgin Mary who is THE epitome and actualization of womanhood.

Nature, Dignity, and Mission of Woman, The (Kolbe Publications version)

  • Kolbe Publications

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