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Few realize that a person can pursue a truly supernatural vocation by consecrating himself or herself to perpetual celibacy while yet living in the world. Here Fr. Dominic Unger describes the main guidelines for such a religious vocation, showing the nature of this vocation and the manner of dedicating oneself to it. The author also holds up Jesus and Mary as models of this vocation and gives the history in the Church of this kind of consecrated celibate living, plus some basic helps in safeguarding while so living. Based on Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors, the teaching and of the Magisterium, and especially on Pope Pius XII–ùs encyclical On Holy Virginity, this book shows that the consecrated life in the world is just one more example of the Church–ùs rich Tradition in providing for all the needs of her children. For not everyone who has a religious vocation is called to go to a monastery or a convent. Some need to live at home and work out their salvation while being —Åin the world but not of the world.–æ The mystery of love for the Single will bring much needed encouragement and enlightenment to those generous souls who wish to pursue a supernatural vocation and yet remain single and celibate while living in the world.

Mystery of Love for the Single, The

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