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Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in the 1950's, this is the "comic" book companion to The Life of Christ. Both illustrated by Addison Burbank in full color.


The book presents the life of Mary in an engrossing full color "comic"-style format. Starting in the Garden of Eden when God promised to send a woman who would battle Satan...a battle "between thy offspring and hers" through her Assumption into Heaven. Adults and children alike will find the seamless integration of the Gospels informative.


An ideal companion to Know Your Mass, which presents the unbloody Sacrifice of the, children learn about she who best assisted at the bloody sacrifice of Calvary...she who we are to imitate in our assistance at the unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass.


Digitally remastered from a 1950's original. Like all of Fr. Manousos's children's books, this one is doctrinally profound, yet accessible to children without being dumbed-down...making it useful for many adults as well.


Great for religion classes and makes an excellent gift for the Feast of St. Nicholas, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, First Holy Communion, name days, birthdays, etc. Highly recommended.

Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Comic)

SKU: 9781892331571
  • Angelus Press

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