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Born in Ireland in 1800 of English Stock and raised in a strongly Protestant surrounding, Kenelm Henry Digby entered the Roman Catholic Church while writing his first great masterpiece; The Broadstone of Honour, first published in 1822. The Broadstone treats of the origin, spirit and institutions of Christian Chivalry and the true practice of the same. It was his deep study of these lofty ideals and the "Ages of Faith", which he had been raised to despise, that led him to his conversion. Maxims of Christian Chivalry was edited bt Nicholas Dillon, O.F.M. in 1924, taking essential bits from The Broadstone and categorizing them into a book which could well serve as a manual for the Catholic Knight. Some headings include: Definition of Honour * Definition of Chivalry * Motto of Chivalry * Rules of Chivalry * Extracts from the Book of Chivalrous Instruction * Religious Orders of Knighthood * Preparation for Knighthood * List of Famous Knights * Facing Death * The Voice of Nature * Fruits of Solitude * Reverence for True Womanhood * The Divine Office * Church Music * All Things in Christ...but a small sampling. Foreword by Robert Kane, S.J.

Maxims of Christian Chivalry

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