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  • Lay Saints: Martyrs
  • Third volume in the “Lay Saints” series
  • Amazing, inspiring stories
  • Discover saints that you can deeply relate to


“The best souls are they that have been travailed in spiritual business, and find most comfort therein.” —St. Thomas More


In Lay Saints: Martyrs, Joan Carroll Cruz guides you through the lives of seventy-three lay men and women who achieved the heights of sanctity. These inspiring biographies present martyrs who displayed extraordinary fortitude in holding fast to their faith in the midst of great persecution.


Find a role model from among these saints as Joan Carroll Cruz explores:

• their acts of fortitude that you can imitate
• the burning love for God displayed by the martyrs
• stories of heroism, self-denial, and trust in God
• how martyrdom and suffering, heroically endured, encourages the faith of others


In this volume are people from all walks of life and time periods who lovingly embraced the opportunity to die for their refusal to renounce the True Faith.

While many people may never get the chance to forfeit their lives for Christ in so dramatic a fashion, these saints should serve as a guiding light in the endurance of the small sacrifices and persecutions of everyday life.

Lay Saints: Martyrs

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