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It took nearly two millennia for the enemies of the Catholic Church to realize they could not successfully attack the Church from the outside. Indeed, countless nemeses from Nero to Napoleon succeeded only in creating sympathy and martyrs for our Catholic Faith.

That all changed in the mid-19th century, when clandestine societies populated by Modernists and Marxists hatched a plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within. Their goal: to change Her doctrine, Her liturgy, and Her mission in order to replace the supernatural religion of the crucified and resurrected Christ with the man-made religions of humanism and globalism.

In this captivating and carefully documented book, Dr. Taylor Marshall pulls back the curtain on their nefarious plan, showing how these enemies of Christ strategically infiltrated the seminaries, then the priesthood, then the episcopacy, and eventually the cardinal-electors – all with the eventual goal of electing one of their own as Pope!

You’ll come to see that the seemingly endless scandals plaguing the Church are not the result, as so many think, of cultural changes, or of Vatican II, but rather the natural consequences of an orchestrated demonic plot to destroy the Church.

In these gripping pages, you’ll learn:

  •     How theologians suspected of being Modernists went on to become Vatican powerbrokers.
  •     How the deliberate removal of key words in the new Code of Canon Law made it possible for Theodore McCarrick (and other molesters) to get away with their crimes.
  •     How Our Lady of La Salette gave a prophetic warning of a Freemasonic plot to infiltrate – and secularize – the Church.
  •     How the chief architect of decades’ worth of controversial liturgical reforms was discovered to be a Freemason.
  •     Archbishop Sheen’s role in exposing Communist successes in infiltrating the priesthood.
  •     The key reason the Jesuits lost their way.
  •     That third secret of Fatima foretells the growing apostasy in the Church.
  •     That the priest who drafted the Church’s encyclical on dealing with other religions was openly homosexual and an advocate of LGBT relations.
  •     That Pope Paul VI denied that Vatican II was infallible.
  •     How Pope Paul VI revoked the voting rights of cardinals over 80, thus guaranteeing that all voting cardinals were appointed by him.
  •     Why Cardinal Ratzinger left the “New Theologians” to become a defender of tradition.
  •     How corruption in the Vatican Bank may have led to Pope John Paul I’s death.
  •     The mysterious connection between the Vatican Bank and Pope Benedict’s resignation.
  •     How the criteria for sainthood shifted from a person’s historical acts to his personal beliefs.
  •     The roots of the St. Gallen Mafia and how it plotted for years to twist Church doctrine and practices.

On page after page, Dr. Taylor R. Marshall shows that these shocking facts are not the result of a short-term effort to conquer the Church with guns or bloodshed.  Rather, they’re the result of a patient, methodical plan to bring about a Satanic revolution within the Church Herself – a plan that has now largely succeeded.

But hope is not lost. Dr. Marshall also describes how the Church can be cleansed, and the role each of us can play in Her restoration. 


Infiltration is a purifying white light trained on the dark forces that have spent well over a century worming their way into the dark corners of our beloved Catholic Church. On Page 11 read about how The Catholic Church is the Vetus Ordo Saeculorum - the Old Order of the World. Freemasonary is the Novus Ordo Saeculorum - the New Order of the World. 


Read it and spread the word. The book unveils and explains how the Masons have put the Catholic Church into a tailspin. It also explains what will save the church. All things are possible with God. We simply have to educate those who call themselves Christian, and then the victory will be ours.

Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within

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