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St. Ezequiel Moreno-Diaz (1848–1906), bishop of Pasto, Colombia, was at heart a shepherd. This series of writings—published here for the first time in English—is a pastoral theology. Its author addresses the spiritual, philosophical, social, and political problems that he sees his people struggling with. He offers them the teachings and sacraments of the Church as a solution. Perhaps as a witness to the effects of liberalism, Moreno does not shy away from calling his audience to battle. One recurring theme is that the world, mainly through liberal and revolutionary ideology, is attacking the Church. To a large extent, this is the same battle that the Church has always fought. There is, then, a sense of eternal truth in these writings. His pastoral theology reflects this truth as it applied to the lives of everyone he ministered to. Nothing could have made the Catholic faith more relevant than this. This pastoral concern motivated his many pastoral visits throughout the diocese, and brought Fray Ezequiel close to the people. He called the people to prayer, obedience to the Church, devotion to Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and other traditional Catholic practices.

Either Catholicism or Liberalism: The Pastoral & Circular Letters of St. Ezequie

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