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“The Divine life in us is only a participation, by grace, in that fulness of life which is in the humanity of Christ Jesus” (Dom Marmion, Christ the Life of the Soul, p. 474).

We are all called to be holy. But what does this mean? Saint Francis de Sales tells us: “We must not judge things according to our own liking but according to that of God; this is the great secret. If we are holy according to our own will, we shall never be truly holy, we must be so according to God’s Will”.


In this series of conferences, the great Irish Benedictine Dom Columba Marmion shows us in great detail what God’s Will is in this all-important matter. “All holiness”, he tells us, “is to consist in this: to receive the Divine life from Christ and by Christ, Who possesses its fulness and Who has been constituted the One Mediator; to keep this Divine life and increase it unceasingly by an ever more perfect adhesion, an ever closer union with Him Who is its source”.


This is the only available fully re-typeset reproduction of the original English edition approved by Dom Marmion. 

Christ the Life of the Soul

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