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Dom Columba Marmion’s classic work Christ the Life of the Soul aims at showing forth “the fundamental character of the Christian life, according to the Gospel, the Epistles of St Paul, and the conclusions of theological teaching.” Marmion wanted to emphasize that the “Christian life is essentially supernatural, and can only be found in Christ,” who is both the model and cause of all holiness. Christ in His Mysteries continues this teaching, demonstrating that Christ’s life is manifested to us in the mysteries of His incarnation. Marmion shows why Christ’s mysteries are ours: He lived them for us; in them He is our Exemplar; and in them He unites us with Himself.


Following the great feasts of the Liturgical year, Marmion treats of traits of the Person of Jesus, Who comes to redeem the world by His Sacrifice, contemplating the mysteries of the God-Man. Of these pages, Dom Marmion says: “Written for Him, they speak only of Him. May they further reveal to souls the secret of the love of a God who appeared amongst us! May they lead souls to drink more often at the fountains of living water which have sprung up, for our salvation and joy, from the pierced Heart of Jesus!”


Christ in His Mysteries

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