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The ‘Catechism Simply Explained’ is an excellent short and simple explanation of the Traditional Catholic Faith. First printed in England in 1897 by Canon Henry Taylor Cafferata, the book was a remarkable success, such that it was reprinted many times throughout the 20th Century. This reprint is an exact copy of the 1954 New Revised Edition. St. Raphael’s Press is excited to present this Catechism for the first time to the English-speaking world of North America. The book is excellent for adult converts or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the Catechism and may not have time for a more in-depth study. The work is written in the traditional ‘penny catechism’ question and answer style, supported throughout by scriptural references. This ‘instruction manual for salvation’ should be an essential part of any spiritual first- aid kit!

Catechism Simply Explained

  • Sunrise Marian Distribution

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