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No biography in all of human history is more important than that of the God-Man, Jesus the Christ. A Brief Life of Christ details this perfect life succinctly, encapsulating all the most important events and sayings of the life of the Lord for easy review by both young students and adults. Also included in this volume are a Map of the Holy Land and a Chronological Outline. This is the perfect book for a quick refresher on the life of Christ, without knowledge of which we are at a loss to understand the meaning of His holy work for us.


Leslie Audoen Rumble, known as "Fr. Rumble," was a priest and apologist from New South Wales, Australia. Born in 1892, he grew up in an Anglican family, but he converted to the Catholic Church. In 1924, he was as ordained a priest for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. After gaining a doctorate at the Angelicum University in Rome, studying with such teachers as Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, he returned to Australia in 1927 and for many years taught theology at the order's seminary in Kensington, New South Wales. He worked closely with his colleague, philosophy lecturer Dr. P. J. Ryan. He chiefly became famous for providing radio answers to questions about Catholicism broadcasted all over Australia and New Zealand. He also founded Radio Replies Press with Fr. Charles Mortimer Carty, an American priest from St. Paul Minnesota.

Brief Life of Christ, A (TAN)

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