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Prayer Crusade for Priests has helped to unite the faithful to priests laboring in the vineyard of the Lord. Now, for the first time, all the prayers necessary to participate in this Crusade are easily accessible.


Even if you are not formally a member of the Prayer Crusade, you will find the devotions herein edifying and beneficial to your spiritual life.


- Rosary for Priests - Prayers for Confessors - Deceased Priests - Seminarians - Vocations̴ - Holy Hour for Priests - Litanies - Way of the Cross for Priests - Ejaculatory Prayers


"By our prayers, words and example may we draw many souls to this sublime ideal of the Catholic Priesthood and to its essential act, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I encourage you to consider joining the Prayer Crusade for Priests. Here is one way to guarantee the supernatural in your daily life: by praying every day prayers for priests..."

Prayer Crusade for Priests

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