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Advocate of God and consoler of Mary, this is the story of the first thief, whose wonderful eleventh hour conversion and defense of the holy Kingship of Christ on Calvary, merited him the everlasting title, The Good. Monsignor Gaume opens his book with a graphic, even ugly, description of the true face of a highway brigand in the days of the Caesars. He presents the first meeting of our Egyptian thief and the Son of God in the idolatrous land of the Pharaohs on the occasion of the flight of the impoverished Holy Family away from the sword of Herod. The rest of this profoundly inspiring account begins on the Mount of the Skull. It is the story of the Passion as seen through this most unlikely of characters. Meet Dismas; a dying man whose only request from his Lord was but a remembrance in His Kingdom! Rejoice for a man who was the first to be with Christ in Paradise.

Life of the Good Thief

SKU: 9781930278301
  • Loreto Publications

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