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Poems, Schemas, Introduction, and Chapter Summaries by Bishop Richard Williamson
Louis Veuillot’s mid-19th century condemnation of liberal Catholicism throws a flood of light on the crisis of Church and world following on the Second Vatican Council.


Catholics who read The Liberal Illusion will grasp, once and for all, that the crisis is primarily due not to Vatican II, but to a centuries-long struggle between Revelation and Revolution. Vatican II was merely a decisive moment in that struggle when power within the Church passed from the servants of Revelation to the deluded victims of the Revolution.


This edition offers readers a pictographic overview and outline in the form of a unique fold-out insert to provide them with a thread to connect together the 38 chapters.

Bishop Williamson helped us to prepare this book to be studied. The Schema at the front unfolds so the chapter numbers are exposed, giving the reader Main Parts, Subdivisions, Tickets for Chapters, and One-line Summaries. This chart gives a horizontal breakdown of the book.


The Game Plan is available on the reverse side. This chart-like analysis is a vertical breakdown of the main principles (whether they be right or wrong) and their consequential sub-principles which have become the battle cries of modernity.

Each short chapter is preceded by a crunch paragraph summarizing its contents authored by Bishop Williamson.

Liberal Illusion, The

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