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Humility is the key to all the virtues. It's the necessary foundation for growth in all the others. If we do not know ourselves–if we cannot see our flaws and strengths (but especially our flaws)–°clearly, how can we grow in virtue? How can we begin to make ourselves less and God more?


Indeed, in our age of social media where it's a constant race to appear the best, to put up a front, to show others a false image (and to show ourselves a false image) cultivating humility is perhaps more important now than ever.


Know Thyself then is an invaluable resource for a prideful age. Adapted from Rev. Fr. Cajetan da Bergamo's classic Humility of Heart and supplemented with writings from the saints and powerful scripture passages, Know Thyself will reinvigorate you each day in the struggle to be like Christ, to be "meek and humble of heart."


This beautiful hardcover book–with updated language for the contemporary reader and reorganized with a logical progression–is perfect for everyday use. New features that help you put your reading into spiritual action include:

    Know Thyself: 100 Guided Meditations on Humility of Heart

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