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We are proud to introduce TAN Classics Made Simple, a brand-new companion series to our bestselling TAN Classics collection. TAN Classics Made Simple booklets are designed to give you an orientation course before you embark on an exploration of the great works of Catholic literature found in our bestselling TAN Classics line.

Each full-color booklet covers the highlights of TAN Classics in 32 easy-to-read pages. They are designed to provide you with the vital facts and features about the life of the Saint, including his or her work, call to Holiness, and the events of the time.

The contents of each booklet inlcude: an introduction to the TAN Classic, a Major Events timeline, an Author Biography, a "How to Read a TAN Classic" section, Words to Know, and much more!

Perfect for parishes, schools, or simply a personal introduction to the TAN Classics, these booklets will provide you with a map and compass for navigating the best of Catholic writing!

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but how many of us actually know how to get there? 

Learn from the writings of St. Francis de Sales, the Doctor of Charity, on this very matter in An Introduction to the Devout Life, his work that specifically addresses this most important question. The knowledgeable and holy Doctor of the Church writes in a way that is at once easy to read and suited to all readers, yet thorough, authoritative, reliable, kind, and gentle. He guides us to the knowledge that we are all called to the devout life. True devotion to God, as St. Francis de Sales points out, adorns every vocation. Additionally, St. Francis will explain that the devout life is a choice worthy for its own sake: “And our blessed Lord Himself assure[s] us that a devout life is a lovely, a pleasant, and a happy life.”

Introduction to the Devout Life, Intro

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