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“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn. 14:6). Catholic Truth is not a collection of dogmas and philosophical principles, nor a series of dos and don’ts; it’s a Person—Jesus Christ. If your spiritual life is dry, an all too human effort to avoid “forbiddens” and occasionally (and usually begrudgingly) checking off a “good deed” to rack up the merit count or to make a payment on the purgatory tab, then you are missing the vivifying principle of the spiritual life—an intimate and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. “For this is eternal know Christ Jesus” (John 17:3).

Allow Fr. Leen to lead you to a greater knowledge and love of our Lord through this collection of meditations on the life of Christ:

· Annunciation
· Nativity
· Epiphany
· Presentation in the Temple
· Flight to Egypt
· Hidden life of Jesus
· Saint Joseph
· Blessed Virgin Mary
· Jesus’ humility and tenderness
· Holy Eucharist
· Passion and Death
· Resurrection
· Pentecost
· The Way of Peace.

In The Likeness of Christ

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