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Uniformity with God's will—being of one and the same accord with Him in all things, in our own lives and in all of creation—is the easiest and surest way to achieve peace of heart and happiness in this world. In Heliotropium, or The Sunflower, Fr. Jeremias Drexelius, SJ, presents an exquisite guide to discovering God's will for us and living it out in our daily lives. A little-known devotional work of profound significance, Heliotropium will become a longstanding and well-deserving mainstay of your devotional reading material.   Born in Bavaria in the late 16th century, Fr. Drexelius was raised as a Lutheran but converted to Catholicism in his youth, entering the Jesuit order and becoming a prominent professor of rhetoric and a court preacher. His holiness and profound insight into the will of God is evident from his writings, and Heliotropium constitutes one of the masterpieces of devotional literature in the Catholic tradition. As the sunflower turns its face to soak in as many of the sun's rays as it can, so we must turn our hearts towards the Son of God to imbibe as many rays of grace as we can and as He wills. In this way, we will conform our wills to that of God. Let Fr. Drexelius guide you in the way of the sunflower to uniformity with God and eternal beatitude.

Heliotropium: Conformity of the the Human Will to the Divine

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