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Republication of Father Valuy's 1908 classic short treatise on the virtue of charity for religious but with wide application for everyone. It goes into practical principles to help religious practice the virtue of charity in their communities. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:


"Father Valuy’s work gives religious practical means of achieving this detachment from their own wills in order to practice the type of charity Our Lord demands of them. He strikes to the heart of that duplicity of spirit which can so easily put on the semblance of piety but which in reality is hypocritical in its dealings with other men. Fr. Valuy asks: “Am I one of those proud spirits who expose the faults of others in order to show off their pretended virtues?”


His work includes the writings of the Saints who show religious (and all of us) the necessity of charity towards all. As an example, in discussing the problems of uncharitable speech, St. John Climacus states: For mercy’s sake cease such conversation! How would you wish me to stone my brethren—me, whose faults are greater and more numerous?” We should treat others as we would want to be treated. It is such a basic principle yet how few take it to heart!"

Fraternal Charity

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