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This is a new edition of Etienne Gilson's compendium of Pope Leo XIII's social encyclicals as arranged by the Pope himself. Originally published in 1954 this new edition features a foreword by Thomas Storck. It is newly typeset and is a larger trim size (6 x 9) for easier readability. All the endnotes have been made into footnotes. 

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In The Church Speaks to the Modern World, Etienne Gilson presented for the first time the basic encyclicals of Leo XIII arranged in the order expressly indicated by the Pope himself. Gilson’s sparkling introduction provides the proper perspective for the encyclicals; his notes brilliantly clarify obscure points; his summaries provide an immediate grasp of each encyclical; and his study of the variant translations is invaluable. In short, here is the definitive collection of the most important and far-reaching papal pronouncements of the modern age.

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Praise for The Church Speaks to the Modern World

This is the best collection of Pope Leo XIII’s social teachings. Etienne Gilson’s short introductions to each document help the reader to grasp the sapiential order and cohesion of Pope Leo’s teaching, without getting in the way of the documents themselves. — Pater Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist., lecturer in moral theology, Heiligenkreuz, Austria

“The greatest pope since the Reformation” is a towering figure, basking in the light of all that came before him and casting his protective shadow over everyone who recognizes his greatness. Here, bound in a single volume, are the principal acts of his pontificate introduced and explained by one of the greatest figures of the revival Leo accomplished. Every citizen, every statesman, every parent, every student should read and ponder this book a hundred times. — Alan Fimister, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Theology at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary, Denver CO, Director of the Dialogos Institute, Co-author of Integralism: A Manual of Political Theology


Gilson’s edition, coming just before the Second Vatican Council, presents this teaching in its entirety, something that has been less usual in the post-conciliar period. This republication will contribute greatly to the recovery of the fullness of Catholic teaching on political, social and economic questions. — Dr. Thomas Pink, Professor of Philosophy, King’s College London


Now more than ever we need the sobriety and crystal clarity concerning political, cultural, and economic matters that characterize Pope Leo XIII’s social encyclicals, many of which are unjustly neglected today.  This welcome reissue will help to remedy that, and thereby contribute to the good of the Church and of society. — Dr. Edward Feser, Professor of Philosophy, Pasadena City College 


Founded on the unchanging principles of the social nature of man and its restoration in Christ, the encyclicals in this volume (with its helpful introduction, notes, and reading guides) speak to every age. For, to paraphrase one very old author, in human affairs, there is finally nothing really new under the sun. — Christopher Zehnder, General Editor, Catholic Textbook Project


The writings of Pope Leo XIII mark a decisive turning point in the history of the Church’s effort to engage modernity.  The encyclicals collected in this volume are essential reading for those Catholics who wish to continue this engagement in our own time.  These writings make clear that Leo refused to settle for a simple modus vivendi with secular modernity; rather, he saw engagement as but a modern instance of the Church’s perennial mission to bring Christ to the world and the world to Christ. — Christopher Shannon, Associate Professor of History, Christendom College

Church Speaks to the Modern World, The

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