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True Friendship • General Sex Attraction • Personal Sex Attraction • Physical Sex Attraction • Choice of a Marriage Partner • “Falling Out of Love” • The Divine Plan of Reproduction • The Meaning of Chastity • God’s Law of Chastity • Practical Moral Principles • Some Practical Applications • The Beauty of Chastity • Celibacy
“This little book, read prayerfully, by older teens and young adults, will be both an encouragement and a tremendous help to purity. In a world that has lost its moral compass to the point that even decent young men and women can easily lose their way, the author gives a clear and balanced explanation of what it means to be pure. The principles on which he bases his treatise are rock solid, the examples enlightening, and the application to real life truly helpful without falling into the trap of being preachy or out of date. The chapter on the divine plan of reproduction is explicit but in an appropriate way. ” —Fr. Gerard Beck, SSPX

Catholic Guide to Friendship and Chastity, The

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  • Angelus Press

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