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"Men's and women's specific qualities, in different domains, allow them to complete each other magnificently in conjugal life when each has a basic knowledge of the way the other works and a mutual respect for the other."

—Fr. Patrick Troadec


There is much to be learned about the person with whom you are married. Not only who they are but also how they think and act—both are key to establishing a lasting, balanced relationship founded on Christ. This book provides an in-depth explanation of both men's and women’s mental processes so that through mutual understanding a harmonious and fruitful ever-maturing friendship might be formed between spouses. A must-read for all married and future couples.


Topics Include:

  • Creating a United, Lasting, and Fruitful Marriage
  • Collaboration Between Spouses
  • Ensuring a Lasting Love in One’s Relationship
  • Welcoming Children
  • Praise of Fertility
  • Procreative Love
  • Guardians of Peace in the Home
  • Recourse to God’s Grace
  • The Daily Battle
  • And much more...


"When each fulfills his respective role as well as possible and when both truly work together, the result is a beautiful conjugal harmony that leads to the proper development of the children on both the natural and the supernatural levels. The educational work within the family can never be truly effective without this collaboration."

—Fr. Patrick Troadec

Catholic Family, The

SKU: 9781949124378
  • Angelus Press

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